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Club Pick-Up Procedure

Clubs have started at Fairview, and if your child is in a club now or will be in the future, please read this carefully.  Children must be picked up promptly at the end of the club or will not be able to participate.  We have developed a pick-up procedure to ensure everyone’s safety:

  • When you enter the parking lot, go straight around the parked cars and loop around to enter the bus circle. Please pull your car all the way up as the line gets long.
  • Park close to the curb. Students will not be allowed to walk to a car that is not pulled up to a curb.
  • The lane farthest from the curb is reserved for cars to slowly leave the parking lot.

You may also park your car in a designated spot in the parking lot or on the street and walk up to get your child. Use sidewalks and crosswalks at all times. Also, please do not allow younger or older siblings to play around the flagpole or in the grass. They must stay with you on the sidewalk.

Starting next week there will be a bus on Tuesdays and Thursdays that will be parked on the side of the building. This bus is only for children in the writing program. This club is funded by a grant written by the district and the bus was included in the grant. Other children may not ride the bus.

Lastly, some cars will be here to pick up children from the after-school care program. They pick their children up at Door 9, so must pass the line of cars to get to the back of the school. Please stay to the left of the lane, so they can slowly pass you to get to the back of the building.

Thank you in advance for cooperation. We appreciate everyone’s effort in keeping everyone safe!