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Fairview Yearbook Orders

The End-of-Year yearbook online sales will end next Friday on May 18th. If you have not already ordered your yearbook, you can find the form online or click on this link: YEARBOOK ORDER FORM.

If you purchased a yearbook already, thank you for supporting your Fairview PTA! Funds that we earn through fundraising, sales, memberships, and donations are used to provide our students and teachers with educational supplies, events, activities and other items used to enhance the school and their learning.

Please remember that if you are a parent of a 6th Grade student, the Fairview PTA will be purchasing a book for your student as a present to them before they move on to junior high. You do not need to order a book for them unless you want an additional copy.

I’m encouraging parents to order their books online now before we run out. If there are books left after the online sales close, books will be available for sale at the school at the end of the month (cash/checks only). I’ll send a note home with your student if there are books still available for sale.

If you can’t remember if you bought a yearbook already or have any other questions, please email me at

Thank you again for sharing the memories and supporting the Fairview PTA!

~Stephanie Schmitz Bechteler, Yearbook Committee Chair