October 15, 2020

With the beginning of our hybrid model, arrival and dismissal procedures will look different.  Please read the information carefully, review the Fairview Arrival and Dismissal maps, and adhere to the information and directions when you come on to the Fairview campus.  Parents and students should wear a mask and maintain 6ft. of social distancing at all times when on campus.  Thanks for your help ensuring we all maintain safety procedures.

Arrival: Car Riders, Walkers and Kindergartners

Walkers/car riders will use the crosswalks on Arizona Blvd to get to Fairview School. All car riders and walkers (except for Kindergarten students) will head to the blacktop to line up to enter the building by 8:30 am. Please do not send students earlier since staff supervision does not begin until 8:30 am. All Kindergarten students will use the following entrances. This includes all bussers, walkers and car riders.

  • Downey:              Enter and Exit Door #1
  • Murphy:               Enter and Exit Door # 11
  • Otte:                     Enter and Exit Door #12


  • 1st and 2nd Grade students            Enter and Exit  Door #5
  • 3rd and 4th Grade Students            Enter and Exit Door #4
  • 5th and 6th Grade Students           Enter and Exit Door #6


Arrival: Bus Riders

All bus riders will enter Door #1

 Staff will be present at the doors to direct students to enter the building.


All bussers will be dismissed first through Door #1

Walkers/car riders will exit through the same assigned grade level doors as when they arrived.  Students will be released to parents, who should be socially distanced.   

Classroom teachers will walk students to their exit doors

Student dismissal will be staggered and therefore students will be dismissed between 3:00 pm-3:10 pm