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Welcome Kindergarteners!

We welcome our kindergarten friends to Fairview!

1 Day Down… 175 to Go!

What a great start to the 2018-2019 school year we had today for all 1st through 6th graders!  There were many smiles, and maybe a few tears shed in the morning, by students and parents alike.  But supplies were organized, classroom procedures learned and school expectations shared.  But while students and teachers headed home, tired from the day, there was much chatter about how this year may be one of the best yet at Fairview!!

Monday, August 27 – First Day of School for Kindergarten

Kindergarteners will enter through the front doors on their first day and every day. Families will say good-bye outside the front doors; staff will be available to assist your children in going to their classrooms.

Monday, August 20 – First Day of School for Grades 1-6

The first bell rings at 8:25AM. Classroom teachers will be outside with signs waiting for their students. Grades 1-2 and 3-4 will be on the blacktop on the east side of the building, near the playground. Grade 5-6 will be on the west side of the building in the grassy area. You’re welcome to walk with your children to find their teachers. We will also have staff members available to assist students. In case of inclement weather, teachers will wait outside their classroom and all children will enter through the front doors. Families will say good-bye before their children enter the building.

After the first day of school, all students enter the building through the front doors. Adults who need to enter the building will go to the main office. You may not walk your children to classrooms. Keep in mind that staff supervision begins at 8:25AM, so please do not drop your children off earlier. The second bell rings at 8:35, and students who arrive at 8:40 will go to the office to get a tardy slip.


All students who take the bus exit the building through the main entrance at the end of the day. Students who walk or are being picked up, exit through Doors 4 and 5. If you’re picking up your child, go to the east side of the building near the playground to wait. Please note that we use staggered dismissal times to keep hallway congestion to a minimum. Kindergarten is dismissed first with a teacher, grade 1-2 is dismissed next, followed by grade 3-4, and lastly grade 5-6. If you have children across the grade levels, you may have to wait a few minutes.

Safety at Arrival and Dismissal

Safety is our number #1 priority during arrival and dismissal. Our building covers a long stretch on Arizona Blvd., so the Hoffman Estates Police Dept. helped us address safety concerns with the following rules. Be aware that the police are often present and will hand out tickets for violations.

  • Vehicles may not enter or leave school grounds during arrival and dismissal – from about 8:20-8:45AM and from 2:50-3:15PM. Vehicles may not enter the bus lane in front of the building when buses are present.
  • Please drop your child off on Arizona Blvd. in front of the school where we have two crossing guards who are hired by the Hoffman Estates Police Dept. They are ready to assist everyone in crossing the street safely.
  • Children must exit vehicles on the curbside – not into the street.
  • If you’re walking your child up to the building, you must use the crossing guard to cross the street. Also, use sidewalks at all times, even if your child isn’t with you.
  • Cars may not turn around in front of the building as this poses a hazard. If you feel the need to turn around, please drive away from the school to do so.
  • Do not park in or block our neighbors’ driveways or Fairview’s driveways.
  • Look at the signage before parking your car to make sure it is a legal spot.

Our goal is to keep children, families, and staff safe at all times! Please call or email Mrs. Gurga if you have a question or concern.

Snack in School

Students eat a healthy mid-morning snack while they are working in class. Students may be eating in another classroom at a desk that is not their own, so we’ve developed guidelines to keep everyone safe:

  • All snacks must be peanut-free.
  • Choose a snack from The Big Four: fruit, vegetables, cheese, or yogurt.
  • Snack should be single serving – smaller than the size of a fist. After about 10 minutes, students will be asked to put their snack away.
  • If your child brings a water bottle to school, it can only be filled with water.

If classroom teachers have further guidelines, they will share them with you.

New Kindergarten Teacher at Fairview

Due to an increase in enrollment, we’ve opened a fourth kindergarten section! We’d like to extend a warm welcome to Mrs. Miller! Her classroom will be in room 124. If your email notification showed Mrs. Gurga as your child’s teacher – he or she will have Mrs. Miller. As much as Mrs. Gurga loved teaching kindergarten, she can’t do both jobs!

Looking Ahead to Next Year

Important dates to know for next year

Aug 16 – School Supply Drop-off, 4:30-6:30p.m.
Aug 20 – First day of school for grades 1-6
Aug 27 – First day of school for kindergarten
Aug 29 – Curriculum Night (adults only), 6:15 PTA meeting in the Fairview gym
6:35 First curriculum presentation; 7:10 Second (the same) curriculum presentation